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सेवा ही जीवन है !

बेसहारों का सहारा बनना ही हमारी पूजा और आराधना है।

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APNAGHAR ASHRAM runs 50 Asharms across India and takes care of 9000 such people with love and care for the last 22 years. We fondly call these people PRABHUJIS (form of God)instead of destitute. We have positively impacted more than 50,000 lives.

We provide clean and hygienic accommodation, nutritious food, medicines, clothes and all necessities totally free of cost. The expenses of ALL ASHRAMS put together is approx. ₹20 Lakh per day.

In Pune, APNA GHAR is running 2 Ashrams – one for Ladies in Hinjewadi and one for Gents in Pride World City, Charholi Budruk with a total capacity of 180 PRABHUJIS(residents). We have a total staff of 36 employees to take care of them round the clock in all respects. APNA GHAR ASHRAM, Pune is run by MAJHA GHAR FOUNDATION. The daily expenses of the two Ashrams in Pune is about ₹75 thousand per day.

Those who have critical illnesses, old age or are bed ridden are taken care of for life by APNA GHAR ASHRAM. At the end of their life, APNA GHAR performs their last rites with due respect and dignity as per the religion of the deceased.

Poor Child
We are the 54th Ashram of Apna Ghar Ashram, Bharatpur (Rajasthan) for helpless destitutes who desperately need help and have no one to take care of them. They mostly live very painful lives on the streets, railway stations, or bus stands.
We are also a place where orphans find a perfect eco system to sculpt their future.

What we do

We provide a home, hope and happiness to the homeless, helpless, destitute, oppressed, abandoned, mentally and physically sick, injured, infected adults to reduce their pain, and provide, a life of dignity, free of cost.

We also provide a loving and caring home, in addition to other ancilliary facilities (like education) for orphans, street children and other children living in abusive environments so as to scuplt their future into becoming responsible citizens of our country. Came across someone who we can help? Please leave their details and we’ll reach out.

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